the poptail

take your cocktails and mocktails to the next level this spring/summer:







it is simple yet elegant:



juice popsicles frozen onto paper straws instead of popsicle sticks.


as the juice melts into your beverage, the straw is freed from it’s frozen cage and becomes a slurping mechanism once more.






the frozen juice acts as an ice cube to keep things chill while gradually changing the flavor and color of your beverage.



the beverage and juice combinations are endless. just to name a few:


  • freeze orange juice for a classic mimosa.
  • freeze pomegranate juice for a pomosa.
  • arnold palmer poptail: freeze lemonade and put it in iced tea.
  • health trend option: green juice pop with sparkling water or ginger ale.
  • for parties you can choose the flavors based on the colors.
    • and coordinate the colors of the straws too! [insert party planner dance]


today, I used grapefruit juice, ginger ale, and a swirly paper straw to coordinate.


i can be fancy sometimes.






one word of caution: i do not condone freezing carbonated beverages- they have a tendency to be dangerous and messy.


so stick with juice pops and have the carbonated beverage be the second half of the combo.




these can be made in bulk which is awesome for either a crowd or for an extended period of enjoyment for a smaller group.



i still can’t believe it but i made a gif:






fun for any household: use a popsicle mold or paper cups to make the juice pops- just remember the paper straw instead of the popsicle stick!




in other news:


today marks one year for this blog.


[insert solo dance party here]



inspired by smitten kitchen:


one year ago: irish spaghetti


happy kitchen. #kitchenadventures #foodrevolutionday


pool side perfection: popsicles on straws melted into a sparkling beverage
Recipe type: beverage
  • juice to fill popsicle mold or cups
  • sparkling beverage: ginger ale, sparkling water, champagne
  • straws- paper or plastic would work.
  1. freeze juice in popsicle mold or cups using straws instead of popsicle sticks.
  2. when frozen, serve popsicle in a glass of chosen sparkling beverage.
  3. when popsicle melts enough into the drink, the straw will become a straw again
  4. sip and enjoy.





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