Sweet Potato Burrito Bowls, Chilled Spicy Thai Noodles and Bangin Good Shrimp, Blueberry Muffins and Blueberry Slab Pie: Recap







one pan sweet potato burrito bowls


I love this recipe so much. it’s in my top 10 all-time favorites. It’s a meatless but hearty and nutritious meal topped with cheese.


The only part of the origin recipe that I don’t do regularly is add the frozen corn. Our former roommate doesn’t like corn (Hi Christopher! I know you don’t read my “fluffy” blog! especially now that it’s just torture to see the food you can’t eat) so I omitted the corn to begin with and now I’m just out of the habit. I intended to add it this time (and did not compensate for the lack of corn with something else) and it still came out perfectly.








wacky blueberry muffins


the reason i made this particular recipe: I forgot to buy eggs and didn’t buy muffins for Joe’s breakfast. So I searched pinterest for vegan blueberry muffins- which was difficult because Joe also can’t have bananas and we don’t have applesauce in the house because I can’t not eat it one giant spoonful at a time.


These muffins were quick and easy. I did a double batch of the origin recipe and filled the muffin tins to the top- you’re “supposed to” fill 2/3rds full. The muffins only took a minute or 2 longer than the recipes suggested time. But I wonder if their unusual appearance is because I filled them to the top.


Tip: definitely leave the muffins in the tin for a minute or 5 before transferring to a wire rack to cool completely. These are not your ordinary store bought muffins. They are super moist and have lots of blueberries in them and one fell apart when I pulled it from the tin.


let me know what you think of them.








blueberry slab pie



My Sunday needed some serious baking time and Monday was Pi Day (3.14.16) so I decided to make pie with the last 8 cups of frozen blueberries that Joe and I picked last Spring. It’s almost blueberry season again! I’m talking about you santabarbarablueberries.com!


The origin recipe is great. This was my first time trying it- over the holidays I made an apple and cranberry Star Wars ugly sweater slab pie that you can see on social media. I learned that I can’t put 5 cups of flour and 2 cups of butter into my food processor at once. I definitely made a mess but I don’t think the final product suffered too much. Joe ended up running errands so was able to get eggs- so I did an egg white wash on the top of the pie and sprinkled with dusting sugar.


check out my pie crust tips here.


Picture taken Monday morning when I was saving some pie for Joe before taking the rest/majority to work.









chilled spicy thai noodles







bangin good shrimp



I love these spicy chilled thai noodles. They are made ahead and served cold so they’re the perfect work week lunch right? That can’t be considered a leftover right?


This was the first time I made the shrimp recipe. I thought the sauce had too much mayo and I should have added more srircha. But I won’t know how awesome the actual recipe is until next time because i didn’t follow the recipe. shocking? no. but this time it was unintentional, i swear.


The recipe says to dredge the raw shrimp in cornstarch before frying in canola oil. I had a handful of shrimp in the hot pan, straight from the strainer, before I realized I skipped a step.


Major Bummer.


So maybe the sauce was too gooey because there wasn’t a coating of cornstarch on the shrimp to soak it up?! Well I won’t know until next time.




The spring broccoli salad variation with tuna will have to wait. My work week absolutely kicked my butt. And the burrito bowls and thai noodles with shrimp fed us for most of the week.


If you recall, I only spent $15/person this week on food. That’s because I did a serious overhaul of my pantry/fridge/freezer. I had everything I needed for the burrito bowls, muffins and pie (except the egg wash which is optional in pie land).


I bought the thai sweet chili sauce but otherwise had everything for the noodles and shrimp. Everything else on last week’s shopping trip was for either the broccoli salad (which I ended up not making yet) or for other foods i.e. bananas and yogurt for my breakfast smoothies.


What’s in your pantry that you need to use up?
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  • Alisa Fleming April 27, 2016, 10:41 am

    Glad you enjoyed the muffin recipe from my website! Yes, the strange look is because you filled them a little too high. Without eggs, they need the structure of the tin walls to fully rise and peak. When the sides crest over the tin, they loose some of that structure.


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