Summer Grillin’

we interrupt our regularly scheduled program to bring you the latest from the grill:






if you follow me on social media, you know that I am a grillin’ newbie


when i was a kid, my dad always man’ed the grill


as an adult, i’ve always found an excuse to have someone else do it. it’s just not something that i’ve wanted to do


this summer i finally decided to get out there and try it for myself.


what unadulterated fun:






i have started to wo-man the grill, if you will.


locally sourced veggies are my main jam

  • corn on the cob is scrumptious
  • bell pepper is awesome
  • carrots (steamed in tinfoil then marked on the grill) are fun
  • zucchini is done to perfection


the whole thing isn’t as scary as it looks






there are endless possibilities of flavors which are magnified on the grill


i highly recommend

  • chipotle/adobo compound butter served with the grilled corn
  • soy sauce quick-marinade while the grill heats up
  • grillin’ extra veg because they are amazing chopped into chilled thai noodles for work day lunches.




i'm a natural at posing and grilling.

i’m a natural at posing and grilling.



i have only worked on a gas grill so far. charcoal or wood seem like they would take more time and skill than i have at this point.


i’ll keep social media updated on my BBQ journey this summer. i feel like a kid in a (rather sauna-like) candy store.



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happy grillin’!

Summer Grillin'
  • corn on the cob
  • carrots, cleaned and/or peeled
  • bell peppers, deseeded and quartered
  • zucchini, sliced
  1. heat grill to about 400 degrees F
  2. quick marinate veggies in soy sauce or other desired flavor
  3. add veggies directly to grill over heat source.
  4. don't flip too often and be sure to get a good char on each side.
  5. turn corn regularly.
  6. depending on your grill and how hot it is, the times will vary and your desired doneness will vary as well.
  7. serve with grilled meat if desired
  8. and with salt and pepper and butter- highly recommended.


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