Roasted Veggies

I love me some veggies but broccoli isn’t my first choice. The only way I’ll eat it is roasted. (unless it’s this one salad)


Roasting just so happens to also be the simplest way to cook veggies.


With a few tips and tricks, roasting veggies can come out great every time.




caramelized broccoli, cauliflower and carrots.


if only we had smell-o vision interwebs


the only downside is that their leftovers just aren’t the same. hot and fresh out of the oven is the best way to enjoy roasted veggies which makes them great for dinner but more difficult for work day lunches.


they are still worth it though




the side dish that is the fall back but also the star


the recipe doesn’t have exact measurements because the basic idea can be applied to 1 head of broccoli or 10.


a few tips and tricks to try:

  • don’t overcrowd the pan. there needs to be contact with the pan for caramelization and there needs to be space between the pieces
  • the best results come from the sided cookie sheet or jelly roll pan. using a 13×9 baking or roasting pan is fine but won’t be nearly as crispy as quickly
  • drizzle the oil lightly. after rubbing everything together if it looks dry then add a little more. too much oil will hinder the caramelization
  • experiment with the dry seasoning- the smoke grinder from trader joes is nice- but always include some salt. it is critical in the roasting process
  • after rubbing the oil into the veggies with your hands, wipe the oil from your hands with a towel before trying to wash with soap and water.
  • if using tin foil for easy clean up, be careful to not tear it when flipping the veggies. otherwise it becomes a sad treasure hunt for the piece with the foil on it.



Roasted Veggies
Recipe type: side dish
  • broccoli florets
  • carrot sticks
  • cauliflower florets
  • beets
  • olive oil
  • salt and pepper
  1. preheat oven to 400 degrees F
  2. line a sided cookie sheet with aluminum foil
  3. prepare veggies: clean and chop into evenly sized pieces
  4. place veggies on pan but do not overcrowd it
  5. lightly drizzle oil over veggies and sprinkle with salt and pepper
  6. use hands to rub oil and seasoning into the veg evenly
  7. roast/bake for 15 minute increments and toss the veg for even browning
  8. the veg will caramelize/brown in 30-45 minutes
  9. serve immediately with any entree.


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  • Ally January 11, 2015, 9:26 am

    Yum!! can’t wait to try this one!

    • Jen January 11, 2015, 9:45 am

      I’m happy to hear it!

      I use the basics of this recipe almost every week because it is so easy but so very tasty.


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