Peach Sorbet battle

ice cream machine vs food processor: who makes the better peach sorbet?


we can agree that sorbet is awesome. ice cream will always have a special place in my heart but sorbet is different because it uses a minimal number of fresh, local and natural ingredients:


  • honey
  • peaches
  • lemon juice

the ICM (ice cream machine) required a little simple syrup action too.






three thoughts before we go to battle:

  1. peaches have a real hold on my childhood memories. growing up, we had a neighbor with a gorgeous backyard garden and a giant peach tree. we would carry home bags and bags of giant peaches. the peaches in today’s battle are from Gladden & Sons Produce
  2. i chose to not peel the peaches. this did not negatively effect the process or the end result. but if you don’t want flecks of peach skin in your otherwise perfect sorbet, you can peel them peaches.
  3. my fingers are more sensitive to cold than hot. making so many popsicles and pulling the frozen ICM insert out of the freezer hurts my finger tips more now than it used to.
    1. or this just one of the joys of aging again?
    2. those sneak up on me all the time.


the recipes


  • simple syrup:
    • in a heavy saucepan over medium heat combine 1/4 cup of each: honey, granulated sugar and water
    • stir gently until dissolved
    • when it comes to a boil, remove from heat.
    • let cool slightly and then put in sealable container and chill for later use
  • slice 5 cups of peaches (I filled a 4 cup pyrex to the brim) and chill for at least an hour
  • when ready to make sorbet
    • blend chilled peaches, simple syrup and juice from 2 lemons until smooth
  • move mix to ICM and follow manufacturer’s instructions until mixture is stiff and bunching at the blades- about 20 minutes
  • enjoy immediately and/or freeze for later
  • inspired by:


nothing to see here: standard process of using a bunch of dishes to achieve a food goal






food pro

  • slice 5 cups peaches and freeze flat in a ziploc.
  • to food processor add peaches, juice of 1 lemon and about a 1/2 cup honey
  • PULSE until smooth
  • enjoy immediately and/or freeze for later
  • inspired by a variety of pins on pinterest- then i just did similar ratios from the ICM recipe.


holy wow i almost died making this.


please please please PULSE and DO NOT just turn the food pro on like i did.


the whole thing started flying around- the heavy base and everything. i guess the frozen peaches and the honey being instantly chilled by the peaches was too much for it to process, harhar



the calm before the storm

the calm before the storm



i almost broke my camera trying to take an action shot while the food pro had a panic attack


it’s not often that something in the kitchen actually shakes me. i immediately preferred the safety of the non frozen peaches in a blender/ICM over the dangerous food pro method. more dishes is preferred over severing limbs or breaking equipment.


and i’m not just saying that because i don’t do the dishes.






the blind taste test

I used little plastic cups with lids (leftover from jello shots of course) and marked the ICM as A and the food pro as B and stored them in the freezer. I had my housemates, family and coworkers try one of each without knowing which was which and vote for their favorite.


because I used different colored peaches randomly/accidentally, there was a remarkable color difference between the 2 sorbets:






the results

my traumatic experience with the food pro aside, the results are undeniable:

A: 1

B: 10


the ICM had a more slushy-like ice crystal-y consistency.  the food pro somehow managed to provide a smooth and creamy consistency while simultaneously trying to kill me.


that smooth sonofabiscuit


now you know

you don’t need an ICM to have a homemade refreshing and healthy summer treat. just be careful, please.



happy kitchen!


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