Oven Bacon

I have seen the bacon filtered light.


The pictures for this post are from the same evening I made ham and swiss (and bacon) paninis.




You will get greasy hands when separating the bacon- just go with it.

In order to

  1. rinse the bacon under running water, while
  2. separating the pieces and
  3. not stretching each piece too much
  • you will have to get all up in the bacon’s business.


When I’m done separating the bacon, I wipe as much grease off my hands as possible with a paper towel before attempting to wash with soap and water.


It takes about the same amount of time to pan fry but this way:

  1. I can prep other parts of the meal,
  2. the bacon comes out evenly cooked,
  3. AND not as many grease burns (be careful pulling it out of the oven, yea?)


…apparently it’s a list day. here’s a pretty picture then:




If you haven’t tried oven bacon yet- try it just once!


Oven Bacon
  • 12oz applewood smoked bacon
  • tin foil
  • baking sheet
  1. cover baking sheet with tin foil
  2. remove bacon from plastic as one.
  3. rinse bacon under running water while separating slices (don’t stretch slices if possible)
  4. place bacon slices closely together on foil.
  5. DO NOT preheat oven. put bacon in COLD oven.
  6. set oven to 400 degrees and start timer for 15 min
  7. flip bacon and set timer for 4-5 min but watch for desired done-ness
  8. remove pan from oven.
  9. drain bacon on paper towel lined plate
  10. leave foil & grease in pan until grease solidifies/opaques and then discard.


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