One Pot Chicken Thai Pasta, Baked Falafel and Chicken Salad: Recap







One Pot Chicken Thai Pasta



The origin recipe is vegan but I’m not. So I boiled more chicken than I needed for the chicken salad to add to the dish.

…sorry. I should back up. On Sunday in the kitchen I

  • started the garbanzo beans soaking in water first thing in the morning
  • boiled 6 chicken breasts
    • 3 for this thai pasta and 3 for the chicken salad
  • smoothie prepped
    • I blend my green powder into yogurt and freeze it into ice cube trays for the week. I guess I could share my breakfast smoothie sometime
  • combined dill, greek yogurt and cucumber as a no-recipe tzatziki (I had to google how to spell that)
  • made the chicken salad
  • made this thai pasta recipe with the stock water from boiling the chicken

I had planned on also making the falafel after we had thai pasta for dinner but the beans weren’t “done,” the kitchen was a disaster, and I was tired.


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I didn’t have lemon grass so I added more ginger than it called for. Otherwise I follow the recipe fairly closely. It’s a lot of ingredients but once they’re all in the pot it comes together really quickly.


I added cubed cooked chicken to the pasta dish once it was done cooking. I had a small amount of sliced almonds left so decided to just use those up instead of the recipe’s peanuts. I highly recommend the lime juice


The leftovers have been great too. I put a lime wedge into each portion for fresh flavor each time (take out of container before heating up)








Crispy Baked Falafel


Holy wow you guys. I seriously impressed myself with this one.


I soaked the beans for about 24 hours 7am Sunday to 7am Monday, drained them and left them in the colander in a bowl in the fridge while I was at work on Monday.


So when I got home all I had to do was

  • pulse the ingredients in the food processor
    • I added the lemon zest before juicing the lemon
  • portion with my small cookie scoop
  • bake
  • flip
    • they stuck to the tin foil. maybe don’t use tin foil?
    • I foiled and greased a second cookie sheet and did an all-at-once pan to pan flip then carefully pulled the foil off the falafel. it was not very clean looking.
  • bake again
  • serve in pita with mixed greens and the previously made tzatziki (I did add the zest and 1/2 juice from a lemon)

It was a relatively long work night in the kitchen but it was so worth it. Even though it took some time it wasn’t difficult. The end result was amazing and it made a huge batch so we were able to just pull together pita pockets Tuesday night very quickly.









Chicken Salad Sandwiches



Basic chicken salad recipe. Joe likes it. I’m learning to not hate it. I had a thing against Mayo for a stretch there. Now I don’t hate it but I still would prefer to use greek yogurt. This week I used the mayo but replaced the sour cream/ranch 1/4 cup with greek yogurt. So I win right?



The overall lesson

this week is the ability to plan ahead to prep food for the week that is fairly simple, fairly healthy, is good leftover and has a variety of flavor profiles so you can mix it up. If I had chicken salad or thai noodles for lunch then a falafel for dinner seems totally different. If you’re one of those people who can eat the same thing every day I am jealous. If I have the same thing more than 3 days in a row I get over it and end up eating out or eating more snacks and less healthy.


I spent a good chunk of Sunday in the kitchen 1. because that’s my happy place and 2. because after Monday night I didn’t have to cook again but we had enough food to feed us the rest of the week. Which also means less dishes for Joe on work nights. Pretty cool all around.


How do you meal prep? Any suggestions?

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