Oil Your Wood…

Cookware. [and giveaway announcement below!]


let’s talk about wood kitchen utensils and the benefits of giving them a nice oiled massage.



you heard me.


over time, wood cooking utensils can become dry, dull, cracked- and overall just sad.


this is from continual contact with food, water, and heat.


but wood is still my favorite type of utensil to use in the kitchen:

  • more “au natural” than plastic
    • I have silicone tongs and spatulas but most everything else in my utensil drawers is wood.
  • doesn’t melt in a pan on the stove
    • I have thrown away more disfigured plastic cooking utensils than I’d care to admit
  • works with any cooking surface
    • non-stick, cast-iron, stainless steel etc
  • wood cutting boards are less harmful to knives
    • I only use a plastic cutting board for raw meat because the plastic is less porous and won’t soak up the gross meat juice.


so I am here to tell you that you should be using a food safe mineral oil to keep these bad boys in shape:




the oil acts like a non-stick coating of sorts: the wood is easier to clean and doesn’t capture food smells or stains in it’s pores as easily.


this means that it will stay pretty and last longer- similar to a facial or massage for your own bod.


Wood Cookware Massage instructions:

  1. Take your clean and air-dried wood cookware and place it on an old towel. I do this on my countertop but the kitchen table or any surface is fine.
  2. drizzle oil, a little at a time onto each piece and massage/rub it in with your (clean) fingertips
  3. You’re done when the wood is slightly slippery and totally shiny. If it’s the first time or it’s been a while, the oil might soak in immediately and require a second dose.
  4. I prop the cutting boards up against the wall so that the least amount of wood is touching the towel- I like to think this is for maximum oil absorption into the wood instead of the towel but who knows if it works.
  5. Leave cookware on the towel for at least a couple of hours or overnight- until they don’t feel oily anymore. I don’t rinse or wash the cookware before putting it away.






think of it as a spa day for some of the peeps in your kitchen- leaving the cookware in a state of bliss and relaxation so they are ready to get back to work.


I do this every couple of months but I’m sure they would appreciate it every other month; before they’re absolutely gasping.


it’s a pore-replenishing experience that protects the wood from the harsh kitchen environment.


…that sounds like a beauty ad for kitchen utensils.



announcement time:




mid-April marks one year of this blog’s existence.


time flies! I have had so much fun learning the art of food-blogging so far.


AND I am so grateful for the growing Juniper community!



so here’s the deal:


let’s double the Juniper community between now and April 19. This means at least:



when each list reaches it’s goal, 2 names from that list will be randomly selected to receive either a set of wood utensils or a bottle of food-safe oil.



so tell your friends and family and help this community grow!







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ok, now I’m done. get outta here- I dare you to tell your friends that you were reading online about oiling your wood





happy cooking! #getinthekitchen


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