Local Produce: Gladden & Sons

Santa Barbara and Goleta are amazing places to find local produce.


so from where i sit (literally and figuratively), sourcing local produce is one of the most important things you can do for yourself and your community.


local produce:

  • is better for your body.
  • tastes better.
  • helps your local economy.
  • may be slightly more expensive
    • but it is cheaper than eating out
    • and ultimately just plain better for you.


To name a few Santa Barbara and Goleta locations:


Gladden and Sons is my current obsession:

  • they have wider selection of produce than the farmers market
  • they have the best of each item instead of 4 different options
  • most of the produce lasts longer than a day
  • the labels say where everything is from
  • the produce is the main focus of the store and cared for as such
  • the nuts, drinks, deli and meat are nice additions
    • and their daily soups are fantastically amazing
  • Jared is very friendly and loves to talk about food
    • only my favorite topic







having lived in Goleta my whole life, i have not felt a sense of the small town community very often. probably because i don’t like crowds so i tend to avoid town events- so it’s me, not the town


but this unassuming storefront harbours such a strong, breathtaking sense of community within it’s walls.


its basically a produce hug.


the location is great because its basically the center of town there on hollister near patterson. close to UCSB too.


cooking as Art

sometimes i go to gladden’s before meal planning– so i can see what’s fresh before i pigeon hole myself into certain recipes. and then after i meal plan with my treasure, i go to trader joes for any other ingredients i might need.


i cannot fully describe just how much it means to me to be able to walk into an establishment and be able to smell the produce-


and then bring home 2 pounds of peaches and have the smell fill the kitchen before i even cut them open.


they have bell peppers that are grown in a hot house in carpinteria. i sniff them. well i buy them, take them home and then just press my nostrils against the pepper and inhale. and i make Joe do it too. there is an undeniable freshness and real produce scent that comes from local produce.



you guys, listen:


if you’re still reading this then i guess i’m doing something right. the bottom line is that local produce isn’t just a marketing slogan or a hipsterly concept. local produce is the way it should be.


i have had this epiphany and want to help trigger the same in anyone who will listen:


produce from a grocery story is fine if you have to or don’t have time to make 2 stops.

i get it.

life happens.

but if you can spare the extra bit of cash and time then gladden and sons produce should be your next and regular stop.



not in Santa Barbara?

if you’re not in this area, try exploring your local produce options. let me know what you find. we could start a list of different locations and their produce options.


Santa Barbarians:

if you are in the Goleta/Santa Barbara area, check out Gladden & Sons. Then tell your friends, family and co-workers about it.


And next time you go to gladden and/or use gladden produce when cooking, share your photos with me using







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