Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution

(this is not an affiliate post. i share this voluntarily and without any predetermined association with the cause other than as a supporter.)




if you follow me on social media (see over there —–>) then you may have noticed last week that i signed Jamie Oliver’s petition fighting for food education.


this is the first time i’ve been on a soapbox on this site and really it’s THE soapbox for this site. it is because of Jamie’s 2010 TED talk (here on youtube) that i am here today writing any of this.




i share my kitchen adventures to show as many people as possible that home cooking doesn’t have to be scary or complicated or even always uber healthy (today’s recipe as one example).



i pull back the curtain to demystify the kitchen and lead by example of imperfection


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to paraphrase Jamie: food education at all ages is a basic human right. obesity is a preventable global epidemic.



i’m not a doctor nor am i an expert on either food related illness or the food industry.



what i am is one person with a passion for

  • home cooking.
  • using local and sustainable foods when possible.
  • feeding my loved ones with weeknight meals.
  • experimenting with new flavors and techniques in the kitchen.
  • learning lessons in the kitchen that apply to all parts of life.



ultimately i am a girl with a passion for food (that i hope is more contagious than annoying) and a corner of the internet to share it with.


thanks for being here, by the way. otherwise i’m just shouting from my kitchen into an empty void.



please take a minute or 2 to consider Jamie’s campaign, sign the petition and share with others








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