Greek Yogurt: A Love Affair

use it. love it.

it’s more than just breakfast or smoothie filler.


I don’t like mayo (except on rare occasions/caltaco burgers). I don’t buy it and Puppy hasn’t complained yet.


So when a dressing or other recipe asks for mayo, I use greek yogurt. I also replace sour cream and sometimes milk with greek yogurt. I happen to thoroughly enjoy sour cream but it’s not really the best for you and it goes bad in the fridge so quickly for me. We buy greek yogurt at Costco so it’s a giant tub that actually lasts a while when I leave the foil flappy thing on it under the plastic lid.


An added bonus is the added protein to the dish. So it’s less calories, tastier and provides more protein. Did I mention I’m obsessed?


Admittedly, I did get a little tired of it at one point- I couldn’t believe it! So I just didn’t plan any meals that required that kind of creaminess for a couple of weeks.


Overall it just adds creaminess and a slight twang to a dish.


I didn’t have enough coleslaw dressing recently so I just added a heap of greek yogurt, whisked them together and tossed the pre-shredded veggies in.

[Side Note: Actually it was broccoli-slaw from Trader Joes, way tastier in my opinion. AND salad tip: use a bowl with an air-tight lid  -cough tupperware cough- to shake/toss your salad and dressing together. One of my least favorite kitchen tasks- between cleaning and garlic peeling- is tossing a salad. But I digress…]


Then there’s recipes like the greek yogurt spinach mac n cheese that requires it and is SO easy and divine. recipe to come.

The greek yogurt possibilities are endless- especially if you add the ranch dressing dry mix. It’s the running joke with housemate #1- everything I cook has greek yogurt. It’s funny because it’s (mostly) true.

I also mentioned in my taco seasoning post: Creamy taco spread- taco seasoning and greek yogurt with a little chipotle mustard.


So friends, the moral of the story: if you’re able to eat greek yogurt, try replacing the mayo or sour cream in a dish. I bet it will either taste the same or better than before.

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