Fancy Holiday Food

November?! Where does the time go?


My current relationship with the holidays: an excuse to spend loads of time with family and make tons of food.


My favorite morning of the year is still Christmas morning but not for the giving and receiving gifts. My adoration is for the pre-present breakfast of bacon, eggs and homemade coffee cake. Seeing my parents and siblings- and nowadays significant others- first thing in the morning for breakfast at my parent’s table is the greatest gift that has all sorts of feels for me.


ok. phew. enough of the feels and on to the food. I felt like I should explain a little about my perspective on the holidays though. We’re still getting to know each other, you and me.


Check out these holiday dishes and everyday recipes that are great during the holidays.


There are 5 categories: drinks, sweets, gluten free sweets, savory and non-holiday crowd pleasers.



Click the pictures or underlined recipe names for the links!









lemon bread makes a great gift. It’s freezer friendly too.


homemade pie crust -for pot pie, fruit pie, cream pie, hand pies and these two recipes:








cookie sticks (try festive m&ms instead of chocolate chips)







gooey cake bars (try red velvet and/or holiday sprinkles)









Gluten Free SWEETS


whole orange cake













roasted veggies



NON-HOLIDAY crowd pleasers


hashbrown casserole -breakfast, lunch or dinner! A great customizable casserole to feed a crowd and/or a smaller number of people over a couple of days. Surprisingly tastey reheated. Don’t forget the ketchup!


cin-fles -remember you can make ahead, freeze and defrost in the oven/toaster oven. A great sweet treat addition to a breakfast get together like Christmas morning!


baked ziti -prepare in two 8×8 dishes and freeze one or both. defrost in the fridge starting the night before you want to bake it. This is great prep to have dinner on the table on those cookie factory days and/or hosting out of town guests. Spread the love and share a frozen casserole with a loved one too.


crock-pot pulled pork -talk about feeding a crowd!




so, definitely more sweet than savory this year.


Let me know what dishes you’d like to see- holiday or not. If you’re still reading this after all the feels and food then you’re someone I’d like to hear from!




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