Chicken Chili with Veggie Cornbread, Buffalo Chicken Stuffed Sweet Spud, Bacon and pea mac n cheese: recap






slow cooker chicken chili







veggie cornbread



2 great recipes that I actually followed to the letter. I cooked the chili on high for about 6.5 hours and it was fine. For the cornbread, I should have done a smaller chop on the broccoli, some of the pieces are rather large in the finished cornbread.


Use these recipes to feed a crowd or feed 2 people for multiple days. I highly recommend a drizzle of honey on the cornbread.










buffalo chicken stuffed sweet spud



When I want a baked sweet potato on weeknights I make these “15 minute baked sweet potatoes” in the microwave then broiler.


For this entree I also made my basic crock pot chicken with a kick:

  • 4 frozen chicken breasts
  • on low in slow cooker while we’re at work (about 10 hours)
  • remove meat from slow cooker, shred and toss with wing/hot sauce of choice. this time I finished off a bottle of Sweet Baby Ray’s buffalo wing sauce/glaze and tossed in a little Frank’s Red Hot. Is that bad? Because it tasted so good.


We topped everything off with a dollop of sour cream (can also use greek yogurt or my homemade greek yogurt ranch)


This time around I baked one sweet potato for Joe and I to each have half. The remainder of the chicken was used for buffalo chicken wraps throughout the week.








bacon & pea greek yogurt mac’n’cheese



two tines because the cheese sauce never really became a sauce. Admittedly, this may be user error. I followed the recipe and made a double batch because who wants half a bag of pasta laying around?


My 2 main mistakes:

  1. not using my bigger pasta pot to cook the pasta and then stir everything together.
  2. adding 1 cup of pasta water instead of the called for 1/4 cup

Joe and I stirred like crazy and ended up moving everything to a sided sauté pan which was bigger, non stick and better for stirring. The cheese and pasta weren’t talking to each other and it was a very annoying experience for 2 hard working and hungry individuals mid-week. But we ate it and it was fine because its still bacon mac n cheese even if it is high maintenance. And there were leftovers because of the double batch. So we’re still eating it.



what did you cook this week? do you pay attention to seasonal veggies or cook with any veggie any time? Only recently have I actively tried to cook seasonally.

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