slow cooker chicken chili and veggie cornbread


bacon & pea greek yogurt mac’n’cheese


buffalo chicken stuffed sweet spud



i spent 49.42/person on food at trader joe’s for this week.



turkey sloppy joes

brie, mushroom and arugula pasta

croque monsieur

sausage and sweet potato bake


I spent $22.31/person at trader joe’s for a week’s worth of food.



have you seen last week’s recap where I couldn’t follow a recipe to save my life?




skillet chicken fajitas and restaurant style mexican rice


valentine’s day: charcuterie board and Joe’s PBC (mini chocolate peanut butter cheesecakes)


mini turkey meatloaves with chipotle ketchup and sautéed spinach


crock pot BBQ chicken and coleslaw sandwiches


turkey sweet potato skillet


I spent $74.50/person at trader joe’s for a week’s worth of food.


did you see last week’s menu and recap?


blueberry balsamic chicken and brown rice


sausage fried brown rice


BBQ meatball and veggie bowls


brinner (breakfast for dinner): croissants and scrambled eggs

i spent $27/person at trader joe’s for a week’s worth of food

don’t know what i’m talking about? check it out: here

What’s For Dinner?

compressed WFD sm final

a weekly journal of

  • what’s going on in my kitchen,
  • how i handle having a smaller kitchen
    • the joys of adulting and downsizing (see pics below)
  • what works and what doesn’t

the explanation:

what i didn’t expect from my sharing recipes online is how much i refer back to my own recipes. and more often than not, i haven’t yet shared the recipe that i’m searching for.




this site will become a recipe database for meal planning efforts and a place to share what’s happening in my kitchen, when it’s happening.

who’s in?!

join the #whatsfordinner conversation on twitter (NEW, you’re welcome), facebook and instagram


let’s all share tips and tricks, successes and fails from our kitchen adventures.

my #whatsfordinner schedule*:

Sunday: Share the week’s meal plan (and recipes when applicable)
Monday-Friday**: social media photos and progress updates on the meals #whatsfordinner
Saturday: Recap the past week’s kitchen adventures including actual recipes used, photos, and rating of 1-4 forks prongs:





1 prong = “didn’t work” or “i tried this so you don’t have to. you’re welcome.” or “tell me where i went wrong”





2 prongs = “the meal has potential but needs a serious overhaul”






3 prongs =  “good meal but the leftovers either didn’t exist or weren’t great”





4 prongs =  “add this to the meal rotation as is. the main event and leftovers were great”



*this corresponds with my personal meal planning routine. share your kitchen adventures whenever you can.

**i don’t cook every weeknight and i’m ok with that. i’ll share photos when i do.


what do i win if i bet myself that i can do this for 52 weeks?

personal satisfaction?

a sense of pride?

a rethinking of the way i choose to spend my free time?

probably a mix of all three.


would you like to see themed weeks?

i’m thinking:

  • a college kids meal plan
  • a family with young kids plan
  • a family with teenagers plan
  • a single lady’s plan
  • a DINK (dual income no kids) plan

or maybe by diet:

  • vegetarian
  • gluten-free
  • vegan


still here? thanks friends. this is a long post, i know.

as promised, here’s a photo comparison of my former vs current kitchen


former: the beautiful kitchen i lovingly used for 2.5 years: you’ll notice the double ovens, gas stovetop, double sink, tons of storage


photo 12 copy


current: i don’t hate this kitchen as much as i thought i would (yet) but it’s certainly a transition: vintage oven, electric stove.




new blogging approach = new website look (yay!)

special thanks to Arianna Elisabeth Designs for the graphic design work for the main blog title and the awesome hashtag stamp- i am obsessed with the utensil hashtag!!


and continual thanks and condolences to my web designer, dishwasher, taste tester, sous chef, photography assistant/hand model, proof reader, puppy ninja and fiance, Joey. if only i could accurately articulate how much i appreciate your support, your laughter and your cheese grating abilities. #cuteannoyingcouple4life