Blueberry Chicken, Fried Rice, Meatball bowls and Brinner: Recap



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2Prongblueberry balsamic chicken







brown rice




i followed the chicken recipe pretty much exactly. i omitted oregano and i put the chicken into the oven for the 10 minutes that the sauce was simmering because they were giant pieces that were going to take a long time to cook (and I didn’t time the rice correctly). i only gave it 2 prongs because it came out of the oven a soupy mess- I was hoping for a thicker sauce. i also don’t understand why you need to put it in the oven rather than just cook the chicken in the sauce in the skillet. and it would be a quicker dish if you used cubed chicken breast or chicken tenders.


the rice recipe is my new favorite way to cook rice. seriously. try it now. (i didn’t include the rice recipe on the original menu because i didn’t realize until going into the kitchen to cook that i had never actually cooked brown rice before. the trader joes frozen bags of rice are just too easy)




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3ProngBBQ meatball and veggie bowls




this was good for a meal from the freezer. i created the “recipe” purely because i had a bag of turkey meatballs and multiple open bags of veggies in the freezer. after this meal there were some leftover meatballs but no veggies but i don’t have a measurement of veggies used so that’s helpful. it fed 4 people for one meal which is awesome considering i had everything in the house already.

BBQ Meatball and veggie bowls
  • bag of frozen meatballs, I used turkey
  • frozen veggies
  • jar of BBQ sauce, I used sweet baby ray's honey chipotle
  • if needed: apple cider vinegar and ketchup
  • olive oil
  1. bring BBQ sauce to a simmer over low heat in a sauce pan
  2. in a separate pan, sautee meatballs from frozen over medium high heat until nicely browned
  3. move meatballs into BBQ, stir and simmer for 20 min
  4. if looking a little dry/thick, add some apple cider vinegar and ketchup to the BBQ sauce and meatballs.
  5. in the sautee pan that's now free, sautee the frozen vegetables in some olive oil until heated through
  6. serve immediately.





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4Prong sausage chicken fried brown rice





i love this fried rice recipe. i found it late last year and have made it countless times since. i had bought sausage to go with it but decided to use leftover chicken from sunday instead. so the sausage went into the freezer for a future meal.

my changes to the linked recipe: i use a whole onion and fresh carrots, use frozen peas and add an extra egg. i also microwave the cooked rice and chicken so when added to the pan it doesn’t bring the temperature down too much. The 1/3 cup soy sauce doesn’t seem like enough but trust me when i say it is. we learned that one the salty hard way so you don’t have to.

4 prong rating for this meal every time. it’s easy and quick to make, can use whatever protein you have in the house, is surprisingly impressive to anyone who eats or smells it and is great leftover. what more can you ask for from a recipe?




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4Prongbrinner (breakfast for dinner): croissants and scrambled eggs




brinner is a winner in our house any day of the week. i’m already fudging my own scoring system by giving this a 4 prong rating when there really aren’t always leftovers. but this time we had croissants leftover which are awesome.

i used the box of mini croissants in the trader joe’s freezer section. i took them out of the freezer in the morning and placed them on the cookie sheet on top of the fridge to proof for the required 8-9 hours (more like 10 but still) while we were at work. So when I got home all i had to go was preheat the oven, bake them and scramble some eggs.



what do you think of this first recap post? what improvements can be made?

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