Hey! I’m Jen and I am obsessed with being in the kitchen. Second only to that is the thrill of turning other people on to the joy of cooking.

Cooking can be

  • fun, fresh and easy
  • quick on weeknights
    • and then be a more involved but fulfilling creative process on the weekends.



I enjoy cooking but don’t always want to (or succeed at it).

  • Probably 80% of the time I want to cook
    • and then 80% of that time it is edible.
  • meal-plan each weekend to ease the daily anxiety of weeknight meals because I am a 20-something with a full-time desk job too.
  • I constantly try new recipes and experiment with new flavors.
    • my guy eats almost anything- I’m a lucky girl
  • It is note-worthy when I follow a recipe to a “T”
    • and now I’m trying to share my own recipes in these posts…


Please remember:

take these lessons with a grain of salt
and make the recipes with a pinch of love.

I’d love to hear from you: jennifer@juniperinherhair.com

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